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Fauxhunter is my web site for finding scams and fakes on the internet. I started this web site as a school project last year and got good marks. Now I have got a domain name and I moved all the stuff across but I left the school project stuff because its still true. My name is Alfredo García (say it like Gar SEE Ah) my father was called García and he thought it was a good joke to name me from a dumb movie that I havent even seen yet but everyone keeps shouting "bring me the head of Alfredo García" at me. Haha.When I started the website I called it Alfredo García but that will be bad for search engines because of the movie and our comp study teacher Mr Mackay says that Fauxhunter is way cool because the name García comes from old Spanish and means like a fox and faux is french for false and off course I am hunting for internet fakes. All the rest of this page and the other pages except the blog are nearly the same as the exam project.

The blog has all the old stuff and all the new stuff as well.And Ive added some stuff to the old items as well that I could'nt write if the examiner is looking at it. Also I wanted to use Nucleus for the blog, so I dont have to ftp the blog page to the web site every time, but it's easier now to leave it as it is. And all the blogs work in the wrong order. Who ever heard of a diary you start at the back and work forward?

And I have changed the banner images from I bring you the web page of Alfredo Garcia to Fauxhunter like you see here. And where I added something its in red like here. And I know I am no good with aphostrophes so mostly I just miss them out because it looks like you forgot them instead of getting them wrong.

This is the web site of Alfredo García. In it I am looking for scams on the internet to solve. It is like newspaper investigations but you can do it in front of the computer and in the library.On the other pages you can read

  • Design - How I designed the web site to make it suitable for me and for visiters
  • Construction - What methods I worked with to make the web site
  • Publicity - How I will attract visiters to the site
  • Scamhunt - How I will find scammers and expose them
  • Blog - Like a diary of what I do evry day if I do anything

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