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Fauxhunter Construction

To build the web site I am using 1stPage which is asimple free utlity that just let's you write the source HTML and see the page without needing to write the .html file to disc and looking at it in Internet Explorer. Off course you have to check every web page against many browsers and I checked this web site on IE 4, 5, 6 and Netscape 3,4 and Mozilla and Firefox 0.9.

I used javascript for a rolover link to show that I understand how to use js functions. For the project, I also had a stupid Java applet, just to show I could include Java if you want, but I took that out.

As well the transparent gif for the title I used jpg images that are compressed.For the images I made myself using Paint Shop Pro 4.1 which was shareware but now Free. I like it much better than the one I paid for PSP 7, but PSP 7 has better photo improvement buttons and layers if you need them which I didnt use.

Using 1stPage2000 was quite easy but every time I change the genreal outline of the pages, it means I had to go thru & mod them all one at a time, but 1stPage has all the pages on tabs at the bottom so not too bad.

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