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This page was suppose to be a plan for the web site, so I wrote it all as if it was going to be like this, but now the project is over I can tell you that a lot of the stuff in here was added AFTER I had made it, so it would look like I planned it that way. Mr Mackay said it didnt matter anyway and evrybody does it even the Labour Party hehe.

I have decided to make a very simple web site so it will be possible to write it in HTML and CSS instead of a package like Dreamweaver. This will show that I understand how web pages are made because it wont be done for me by the package.

It will have lots of pages with a similar heading. But it will not use frames because they are not approved of by the HTML standards. I use transitional HTML 4, because there is lots of stuff on the web in that standard and its not too hard with end tags and allows all sorts of old stuff you cant use on the new standard.

The links will load whole page without opening a separate panel. The links will be colored for the page you are looking at, as well as visited links and links.

The background will be lite-colored because black backgrounds always look very cheap and hard to read. Many colors work well on a light grey background. I can use a tiled image with some pattern - may be yinyang emboss and it will be a table background.. Font will be Comic and standard color Deep Purple.

I will use tables instead of positoned div's, because tables works better with different screen sizes and window shapes. And the font will be able big and small size by user view.

The title banner will be a transparent gif.

For the blog I will use N ordinary page and update the beginning each time. I would use a CMS like Nucleus but the school web service doesnt allow student to use PHP in case it busts the server.

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