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Search Engines

This page is partly about search engines which is not relevant on the school project, but if it was the important thing is that Google is more important than any other search engine. Yahoo is next, but miles behind, and all the rest are so small you can ignore them. And never pay for Search Engine registration you can do it all for free. You just have to find the right link on the Google web page. Here are the rules you should use
  • Good domain name: before you decide on your domain name, look it up on Google because sometimes a name is avalible for a domain name but its very common and you get loads of hits on Google and you will never be the top hit. For example I can get as a domain name but if you google it, its all that old movie comes up.
  • The first page of your web site must say the things that the website is about because that's what google uses for its index
  • Its OK to tell Yahoo about your web site too. The method is a bit different from google you have to know the category first but its easy enough.
  • The more links there are to your web site on other peoples' web sites the higher marks you get on Google so even if you are on a search engine you have to have other publicity.

Other Publicity

Even with how good Search Engines are, people still have to find your name or use the right keywords so its even more important to have links to your site all over the place on other peoples sites so it helps with your points on Google like I say. Most sites get twice as much visits from referall than search engines so its very important.
  • The best plave is when you have your web site you put the url in your sig an go to a lot of forums about the subject in this case scam busting and if your ineteresting enough people visit your url.
  • Even if you are at another forum thats nothing to do with your subject of your web site then its OK to have it in youre sig.
  • Get your friends to put a link in there web sites
  • If you can find web sites that have lists of scam buster sites or whatever it is your subject they will be glad to put your url up as a link because they need as many links as they can
  • Some of these we sites might want you to put up a link in yours to theres, but always make the link open a new page with <a target=_blank etc etc so they dont lose you're page when they open the link. And dont make the linkbacks to easy to find! I've got no external linx yet.

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