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This web site is to warn about internet scams, and to report any scams I can find. In my blog I tell how I got on. But first an introduction to some common scams.


The most famous scam is te 419 scam aka the Nigerian Scam. In this scam you get an email that tells you the sender has control of a huge amount of money and is going to give you ten percent of it if you help them to get the money into a bank account in your country. Very often the sender says they are in a country in West Africa like Nigeria but I have had them from senders that said they were in South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes they say the money belonged to a dead person, sometimes its oil revenue that has been put in a reserve account, or sale of a diamond mine, but its always millions of dollars and you are offered 10 per cent - about a million - to just put the money in a bank account. If you agree and send an email then there is lots of ways they finish up getting money off you. They make you belive the money is there by giving you access code and password for a fake bank website where it looks as if the money is there, then just before they send it to you they say they need advance fees you can send by money order and just add it to your cut when you get the big transfer. Or if you use a bank account of your own and send the details then they get your money.

Here is the story of a victim


This is nearly the same as 419. They email you that youve won a lottery somewhere in another country. If you reply with your name and address, they send a fake cheque. Some of these cheques are so good fakes you bank will be fooled until its cleared. When the cheque arrives its for more money than you won. They tell you that you got to send them money for clearance but they have increased the cheque to cover the clearance charge so just send them a money order for the difference.


Theres a lot of this around where they send an email with all these real looking logos from a bank or eBay or Paypal or a credit card company saying to check your account for fraud and they give you a web address to go to that looks just like the regular bank or eBay or Paypal log in screen and you log in but actually what they do is to pick up your login details so they can use them themselves, and buy stuff from eBay and get money from your bank or whatever.

Here's a phishing email I got.


This is where they wait for a disaster (they dont usually have to wait very long) and they set up a web site looking like a charity web site and they email everyone and ask you to donate and they give you the web address. If you got to the web address that looks really right like OXFAM or whatever and you give them your credit card info, it doesnt matter if you only gave then a fiver, theyve got your details and they can buy lots of stuff with your credit card because there not a charity at all but they just look like one.

Here's a screenshot of a fake charity website. It looks exactly the same as the real one.

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