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April 2nd, 2005

Found this fascinating blog called Carfilhiot about a guy whose on the run. Now I know he is trying to conceal his loacation and I thought it wd be fun to track him down without giving him away to the police.
I found the blog when I was looking at the Nucleus donors list for examples. This Carfilhiot is the only one with the entries in ascending order, but I think this Carfilhiot has been altering the code because I cant see any facility in the FAQ and manual for doing that. The idea is mentioned in the forum.

This hunt for Carfilhiot took me nearly all the time between here and 2 Novvembr!!

April 3rd, 2005

Don’t think I will bother with Nucleus after all. It looks more work than what I am doing here and you cant set it out xactly the way you want. (O yes you can but it took me a year to get round to it)

Carfilhiot tho is quite intresting.

Been searching BBC and Google for the original crime report. There are plenty of them but none fit. The way Carfilhiot is talking it sounds like it happened Sep 2004. I guess he is lying a little but it cant be so far out. Its likely to be earlier. It could even be later.

I think maybe this.

April 4th, 2005

Well I have scourred all the information sources and news feeds for a computer crime as described by Carfilhiot, but without succes. The most relevant one is the Japanese Sumitomo Mitsui crime that came up in March, though investigations started last October. Perhaps its connected. Or may be as Carfilhiot says that the bank wanted it keeping quiet, which I beleive.

On the other hand this report may be about Melancthe, and later this report. The police are saying she was on the game but they would, wouldnt they.

April 7th, 2005

Yesterdays entry in Carfilhiot when he was worried, he gave away some clues to where he is living because he said what day and time the ferry leaves, and then he said that where it stops next there isnt a ferry back the next two days. So I got all the ferry timetables off the internet and tryed to figure where he must be hiding. It was a bit like Sudoku because you start with a whole lot of possibles and they get narrowed down.

Problem is I dont think I got all the timetables when I narrowed it down, there were no possibles left. Either that or he is lying which I thnk he does a lot of.

April 12th, 2005

I think I must be a bit mad because I spent all morning in the library looking for a Greek island with a Byzantine fort – Byzantine means Turkish, I found – near a ferry port and on the other side of the island over a hill and about six miles away some pre-Hellenic ruins – which means ruins from before the kind of Greek temples and things they show you on the brochures and so on. And Minoan is also pre-Hellenic too but Carfilhiot says the ruins arent. It was actually quite intresting, they never taught us this stuff at school.

I discovered from the ferry timetables that there are a terrible lot of islands round the bottom and round the sides of Greece – just look at them all. And of course the library had nothing on most of them. I have given Google a good pounding for island data and I am writing it all down.

April 19th, 2005

I feel really dumb. I never checked to see if Carfilhiot is posting messages anywhere else and I find that someone called Carfilhiot is. Or may be its two others! I just dont think the postings sound much like my Carfilhiot. I emailed them just the same.

June 4th, 2005

Some clues supplied by Carfilhiot. More archaeology, his friend Lionel, Lionel’s job of Professor of Social Anthropology, Lionel’s real name is French. The African Virtual Univercity has a web site and everything. I have emailed the webmaster to ask if there is someone like Lionel on the project. No reply yet.

And no reply from the Carfilhiot in the Monkey forum whose the only one I got an email for.

I went to other libraries over these few weeks and got some more stuff on islands, but I dont think Carfilhiot has
told us enough yet to make it clear.

June 6th, 2005

Got a reply from the Monkey Master. It turns out carfilhiot has a CANADIAN IP address – a dial up one from the a ISP in probably Montreal. Is it a coincidence that Lionel is Canadian too I wonder.

The African Virtual Univercity has’nt replyed as yet.

June 9th, 2005

Really offencive email from AVU ‘… it is not our policy / privacy of participants / etc etc’ so no luck there but looking carefully at the web site I am nearly sure I know who it must be so I have emailed him saying I am a computing friend from one of carfilhiot’s customers and can he put me in touch. But the problem is I do not know carfilhiots reak name so it is a bit unlikely. I just mentioned Greece and said I knew he had seen him a little while ago.

June 11th, 2005

Email back from the Prof. He has no idea who I am talking about. So either it is the wrong prof or he is carefull. Either way its no luck.

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