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January 9th, 2006

Just got back yestreday from Carfilhiots island. It was fantsatic. The weather was great and C is a cool guy. And so is Sofia, who arrived unexpected at the new year party. She and C know each other from Easter time because she was there on a student trip – you can read about it on Carfilhiots blog only shes called Suldrun there. Since then she was in a band as a bass player – really cool for a chick! I cant imagine why she stopped the band thing. Anyway.

gingers tank
But there was something strange on Carfilhiots web site – a picture and some code wich I couldnt figure out but it seems to be put there by that frien called Ginger that he talks about. Heres the picture – NOT the original one which is still in place – its meant to be fuzzy because Carfilhiot says we dont know what the code means and dont want to look as if its us.
I read a lot off the internet about codes while I was there but I couldnt decode it.

what i found out

  1. The tank picture has been scanned but the code and the arab writing was photoshoped on the computer
  2. The arab writing says ‘god is good’
  3. The code is not a ‘substitution’ code like we did at school where you just put E for A, F for B and etc.
  4. It looks like evry time you code a letter you change the code by some system
  5. The date on the image file is not long before ginger went.
  6. The log files on ACCESS is much more intresting. The first access is long before the date of the file, so thres been a earlyer verson of the file.
  7. Theres sort of bursts of access and the last is just after the date of this one.
  8. The accesss are from all over. UK USA Canada but mostly Pakistan. The couple of Greek ones are all the same and thats Gingers IP checking the file.

what Im doing

  1. I will keep at the code but its not likely if I get it, and off course its probly in Arab so I could decode it and it still look rubbish.
  2. Ive got a little java program working that checks all the time and lets me know is theres any access to the image at Carfilhiots site.
  3. Especially Im waiting for a new one image to be put up, but nothing yet.
  4. at the moment i am going thru every access and try to identify the IP but nearly all are public access ISP’s and I cant identify the othrs.
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