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October 14th, 2004

Chased up the domain name (which is NOT the domain on the ticket service Mark used) but strangly similar. Its registered in th USA because its a .com and the details are:

fit leisure
42 fernwood
stafford st16 1nn
United Kingdom

Registered through: (
Created on: 20-Sep-04
Expires on: 20-Sep-05
Last Updated on: 20-Sep-04

Administrative Contact:
finney, steven

fit leisure
42 fernwood
stafford st16 1nn
United Kingdom
079xxxxxxx I have deleted the telephone number because its not fair to spread it around if he is innocent
Technical Contact:
finney, steven
fit leisure
42 fernwood
stafford st16 1nn
United Kingdom

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK

Wow a phone number ! But no reply.
Reverse search on phone no (don’t ask) gives same name but no address because its a mobile no. Theres no gaurantee this is the same guy but it resolves to a UK address.

October 16th, 2004

Mark still has not got his ticket. He phoned Visa and they say the moneys been taken.
I guess its lucky only the 32 quid have been taken but now they got the details they might do it again so he cancelled the card like I told him to and is getting another. I registered a formal complaint to about this.

October 18th, 2004

Investigated what I could on Steven Finney. He may be a runner with Stone MM. He may have won a prize to go to Alexander the movie.
Theres nothing on the net about “Fit Leisure” that seems to fit.
The Wealth Club appears quite a lot on the net – like this one which is the “Join us and be Rich” trick.
Theres also a sort of self help thrift club called that.

December 26th, 2004

Christmas 2004
Seasons Greetings (please imagine festive robins, bells, holly, snow and Santa Claus)
Spent my time chasing down a PayPal phishing scam, documented in Paypal Phishing.

February 3rd, 2005 as now been re-registered under a diferent name dated 26 Jan and there is a Lycos place holder there now, so my complaint worked. The Agent is still, though. So I would be suspicious of any site that appeared there still. is still registered to Fit Leisure.

March 5th, 2005

Did the investigation on eBay phishing which you can find at EBay Phishing .

March 29th, 2005

Have been thinking of converting this blog to Nucleus CMS so now looking at varius skins. The Laila one is the nicest. Also looking at blogs made using it.

April 2nd, 2005

Found this fascinating blog called Carfilhiot about a guy whose on the run. Now I know he is trying to conceal his loacation and I thought it wd be fun to track him down without giving him away to the police.
I found the blog when I was looking at the Nucleus donors list for examples. This Carfilhiot is the only one with the entries in ascending order, but I think this Carfilhiot has been altering the code because I cant see any facility in the FAQ and manual for doing that. The idea is mentioned in the forum.

This hunt for Carfilhiot took me nearly all the time between here and 2 Novvembr!!

April 3rd, 2005

Don’t think I will bother with Nucleus after all. It looks more work than what I am doing here and you cant set it out xactly the way you want. (O yes you can but it took me a year to get round to it)

Carfilhiot tho is quite intresting.

Been searching BBC and Google for the original crime report. There are plenty of them but none fit. The way Carfilhiot is talking it sounds like it happened Sep 2004. I guess he is lying a little but it cant be so far out. Its likely to be earlier. It could even be later.

I think maybe this.

April 4th, 2005

Well I have scourred all the information sources and news feeds for a computer crime as described by Carfilhiot, but without succes. The most relevant one is the Japanese Sumitomo Mitsui crime that came up in March, though investigations started last October. Perhaps its connected. Or may be as Carfilhiot says that the bank wanted it keeping quiet, which I beleive.

On the other hand this report may be about Melancthe, and later this report. The police are saying she was on the game but they would, wouldnt they.

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