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January 20th, 2006

When youre in vnc you can actually use the target machine like its local. But you have got to be careful because if they see you move the mouse or type in they smell a rat. Because its likely in the US, I waited till the screen was still and all the US should be in bed and checked local time zone which is GMT -5 – Eastern Standard I think – New York etc – and you wonder.
The next thing is when youre in VNC you can see the filestore and the email and everything – you really own that machine. I found the picture thats on Carf’s web site and three others in the same directory – same kind of thing with the code.
I dont know if the machine Ive captured is a private one or a public, but its in use a lot mostly for all sorts different sites on the internet so I think its public or at least shared.
Anoter thing is the keyboard hits and the mouse moves are difefrent from one use to another so I am almost sertain that its all diffrent users. And its been switched on 24 hours so far. Lets hope its 24/7.

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