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January 21st, 2006

I just copyed all the file store from the machine – I call it Dork – to my own, via Carfilhiots ftupload directry. Now I got to go thru it all and see wots wot.
I took like a risk last night and instaled another vnc service under a diffrent name so I can get into the machine anytime I like. At the same time Im doing the filestore Im watching Dorks screen out the corner of my eye and I wake up evry time someone uses it. One of the usrs likes porn and Ive seen some stuff I didnt know was possible.
But most of them use sites with foreign (I spellchecked that one) languages (and that) on then wich I suppose its arabic but sometimes not. Lots of piccys of guys with balaklavas and teacloths on their heads running about with guns and rockets.
Emailed Carfilhiot with the story so far and the vnc psw so he can see whats going on.

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