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January 23rd, 2006

Heres another picture from the set that had the ginger pic in it. This one and the prevous one are both photoshoped from photographs. I think the APACHE chopper is photoshoped in too. Because one of the piccys in the temprary internet files is a color photo thats a lot like the burning car in the piccy. and that comes off one of the palestine supporters sites.
Ive spent the last two days looking at evrything in Dorks filestore. It does’nt amount to much. Off course theres the usual Wndows garbage. Its a Dell running Win98ME which is well past its sellby and a slow 500Mhz cpu. The temprary internet files is vast but mostly not intresting.
One thing I was worried that they might have been looking at Carfilhiot, but I checked before I sent Saturdays stuff to Carf, and no they havent.
My Documents had a lot of crap in it but all in English and mostly Word docs about bank and credit cards which I have sent to Carfilhiot too. Thats up his street!!!

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