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April 12th, 2005

I think I must be a bit mad because I spent all morning in the library looking for a Greek island with a Byzantine fort – Byzantine means Turkish, I found – near a ferry port and on the other side of the island over a hill and about six miles away some pre-Hellenic ruins – which means ruins from before the kind of Greek temples and things they show you on the brochures and so on. And Minoan is also pre-Hellenic too but Carfilhiot says the ruins arent. It was actually quite intresting, they never taught us this stuff at school.

I discovered from the ferry timetables that there are a terrible lot of islands round the bottom and round the sides of Greece – just look at them all. And of course the library had nothing on most of them. I have given Google a good pounding for island data and I am writing it all down.

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