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May 12th, 2006
Carfilhiot has told you all about my trouble. I was craping myself when they arrested me and took all my stuff and computer which I still havent got back and I dont expect Ill ever get it. Then they were making out Im some kind of Muslim extremist and Im not even religius. Then they were on about software copywrite and piracy and hacking into a computer and all sorts of stuff like youd expect.

But mostly they wanted to know exacly what I wanted which is who are these people who is Ginger and whats it all abot?

Mums friend Kevin just told me to keep my mouth shut when they drag me off it was 3 in the morning. But after a while it was impossible because I kept having to say that what their saying is horseshit and Im just trying to track down who scribbled on Carfs web site. I think they beleived me any way but they just wanted to know more.

So Carfilhiot arrnged for me to be let out because I was just helping with enqirys but Ive had no PC all this time until I got a mates old Dell (1GHz so pretty slow) of him when he got a new one and my ISP has close down. But the domain name belongs to me so I have got it back. The site was still OK – I got off of my thumbdrive where I back everything up. That was in my pocket all along but the cops thought it was a magic marker so I let them. OK Ive lost a lot but I can replace it because if it wasn’t backed up it was a free download.

I redid the blog. First I tarted it up with WordPress too, and Gil whose Carfs freind from palimsest has given me the web space and as you see Im up and running. But I better be a bit careful now hehehe.

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