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July 19, 2006

About these blogs

This is the third time I have re-orgnized this blog.

I started of with a totally simple HTML thing but it got big and hard to use so I splitted out the Diamond Mine and the Patpal Phishing parts, but kept the HTML blog. Then I had the Hunt for Carfilhiot wich lasted for eons. And I splitted that one off as well.

The ones I’d pulled out I put in date order so it was well easy to read becaus blogs are tricky if you have to read them backwards which you usully do.

Now Im ditching the HTML blog for WordPress and Ive pulled all the Carfilhiot stuff back in and WordPress lets you see it in order and either the whole thing or just the Carfilhiot bit.

So the complete hunts are in the index above here. Its only This Blog and the Hunt For Carfilhiot thats WordPress.

Link to Carfilhiots own blog

11 July 2010 – Did I really write this crap?

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